LJScripts Traffic Exchange Script Owner Checklist

Owning and maintaining a successful traffic exchange website (as well as any other business) takes a great deal of time, effort and creativity. We have created this checklist for new traffic exchange script owners to strive towards. The most important factor for all traffic exchange businesses is investing back into your business, no matter what your financial status is. Every little penny counts!

LJScripts.com traffic exchange scripts provide the flexibility for all types of new or existing traffic exchange website owners. We have two base traffic exchange script options; the LJScripts Basic Traffic Exchange Script and the LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script.

LJScripts Basic Traffic Exchange Script

The LJScripts Basic Traffic Exchange Script was designed for people looking for a lower startup cost or the flexibility to custom design their traffic exchange from near ground-up. These scripts allow you to build your member base and later invest the profits into expanding your traffic exchange features (by either upgrading to the LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script or adding-on to the current traffic exchange script).

LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script

The LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script was designed for people looking for a traffic exchange script that contains most features already programmed into the application. The LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script also has the flexibility to easily add your own custom features in order to expand your traffic exchange website services.

Traffic Exchange Script Owner Checklist

  1. Web Hosting and Domain Name
    The essentials of your traffic exchange business consists of a traffic exchange script, a domain name and a web hosting account from a web hosting provider. Due to the nature of a traffic exchange service, your website will receive a large amount of traffic - this also depends on your member base size, member surfing rates, promotion rates etc. As your traffic exchange grows, you will need to eventually upgrade to a private dedicated server / virtual private server. If you don't, your members may punish you by surfing elsewhere if you do not Invest back into your business and make it a more pleasurable experience for them.

  2. Professional and Unique Web Design
    Your traffic exchange website design is one of the most important investments you can make into your traffic exchange business. If you are on a tight budget, a unique website template is a great start and will help distinguish you from the crowd. The ultimate goal for all traffic exchange owners should be a unique professional design with a logo that uniquely identifies your brand.

  3. Time and Patience
    While this point should be at number one, we will emphasize again that you must put a great deal of time and effort into your traffic exchange business for it to succeed. This also requires your patience and creativity. If you do not have any PHP/HTML experience you will need to pay for any additional features that you would like your traffic exchange to have. You should set aside around 1 hour each day to service your traffic exchange (approve sites, validate upgrades, member support etc..). This of course will vary depending on your traffic exchange script type, services offered, member base size, member activity levels etc.

  4. What makes you different from all of the other traffic exchanges?
    This is what most of your members will be looking for in your traffic exchange. What makes you stand out from the thousands of other traffic exchanges out there? Great support? Large member base? Unique features? Outstanding Web design? All of the above? This is where your creativity comes into play. If you are unable to add additional features yourself, it is best to invest every penny your traffic exchange generates back into your business until it is generating the steady income you deserve (you'll only get back what you put in). If you have to, pay a programmer to create the feature(s) that you want in your traffic exchange. Don't fall into the trap of excessive sign-up bonuses as people will join and will not surf. Your goal should be to build active and responsive members.

  5. Work ON your traffic exchange business and not just FOR it
    Or in other words, INVEST in your traffic exchange and don't just expect to sit back and collect the cash. Working on your business does two important things:

    • You're proving to your members/clients that you are investing in your business. Why should members/clients have trust in your traffic exchange if you don't?
    • You will remain competitive as the industry grows and changes.

    The two most important points you should work on are:

    • Creating a unique traffic exchange. Think of unique features or different traffic exchange concepts - what doesn't your competition have that you do have?
    • Promote your traffic exchange. Exposure means more potential members. More members equal more potential clients (upgrades and advertising purchases).
  6. Promote your traffic exchange
    Promoting your traffic exchange is essential, don't entirely rely on your members to do this for you. The amount of advertising you do is of course dependant on your financial status and the spare-time you have each day. You do not need to spend any money here if you choose not to. There are countless free advertising methods out there, most require only some of your time. Paid advertising is not always the best method. You must remember to clearly target your audience. A great start in ANY business (online or offline) is that you must Sell the Right product/service to the Right people!

  7. Use your traffic exchange to advertise other affiliate programs
    Each traffic exchange script that we provide includes a member downline builder. Make sure that you populate this with all affiliation services that you are involved with. Depending on the traffic exchange script used, you have numerous advertising methods to take advantage of on your website. They key is to promote programs that make you money or build your credit and referral base in other traffic exchange websites. Use the money or credits to advertise your traffic exchange and you will therefore have more potential members, which then equals more potential customers!

  8. Keep in-touch with your members but don't SPAM them
    All traffic exchange scripts usually have the option to email all of your member-base. Start a newsletter or monthly update email to inform members of what's happening with your traffic exchange business. Run one-time-offers and surf/promotional/referral contests to keep members involved and active on your traffic exchange website. Don't SPAM your members or you'll risk losing their trust and potentially their business. Use your newsletter or update to inform your members of changes to your traffic exchange. Members always love new and unique features. An email once or twice per month is usually more than enough.

  9. Don't offer more than you what you can possibly give in return
    Honesty is always the best policy. You must be transparent with your members to establish trust and confidence in you as a traffic exchange owner. Don't offer more than you can possibly give in return. Misleading and defrauding your members is illegal in most countries and you could be charged/imprisoned for doing so. We have personally seen over the years several websites taken down by the FBI for abuse, just a friendly FYI. Using the credit buy back features in the advanced traffic exchange scripts should be used cautiously. If you offer such features, it is advised that you seek legal/professional advice if you are unsure about anything in relation to real-world financial services. Offering commissions on your traffic exchange website upgrades/advertising purchases is a great way to repay your members. Be careful not to offer more than ONE LEVEL of cash commissions. This way your members are nothing more than sales representatives that receive commissions from customers they personally refer to your site (a legal and widely used system utilized by many companies/businesses both online and offline). You risk being classified as a "Ponzi Scheme" otherwise. It is up to you to workout your running costs and commission rates. A general starting range for real cash commission earnings is most commonly between 5-15%

  10. Involve your members
    Ask your members for their feedback and take any criticism CONSTRUCTIVELY (listen to what they have to say and attempt to rectify or turn the issue into a win-win situation). Remember that your members are the people that are using and promoting your traffic exchange - helping make your business what it is/has become!

  11. And last but not least - Enjoy and have fun!
    Of course last but not least, you must ENJOY what you're doing. Or what is the point of it all? Your members will love and respect your traffic exchange if YOU love and respect your traffic exchange!