LJScripts.com Banner Rotator Script V2

The LJScripts PHP Banner Rotator Script v2 is a perfect solution for Webmasters who require an ad rotation system on their site, Affiliates who promote banners on a Traffic Exchange or Banner Exchange and require only one simple URL to rotate an unlimited amount of banners/HTML ads. You can even earn more revenue by selling positions in your rotator! Our PHP Banner Rotator Script comes complete with an advertiser login area where your clients can view statistics of their ad!

Banner Rotator Script Features

  • Rotate Banners/HTML Ads on your site
  • Grouping features allowing you to group together ads to segregate products
  • 3 Methods of implementation: Server Side Include (SSI), Non-SSI JavaScript include and External Rotation great for Traffic Exchanges and Banner Exchanges!
  • Earn revenue by selling ad space in your rotator
  • Advertiser area where clients can view stats of their ad. Includes the ability to modify the header/footer HTML so that your current site layout/design can be used for the advertiser area.
  • Rotate banners on a Traffic Exchange or Banner Exchange where access to the HTML code of Web pages is not possible. Simply enter the Banner Image URL and Click/Target URL into the form provided and ALL of your banners will be rotated.
  • Support for renaming the main banner rotator script file to prevent ad blocker's default configuration blocking your ads.
  • Support for responsive design/customization with div id and style tags.
  • Works great with all of our traffic exchange scripts

Banner Rotator Script Requirements

Web Hosting account with:

  • PHP >= 5.2 (PHP 7+ Compatible!)
  • PHP MySQLi support

The PHP Banner Rotator Script is able to run on a Windows or *NIX server. The PHP Banner Rotator Script has been successfully tested on FREE Web Hosting accounts with PHP and MySQL support!

Banner Rotator Script Demo

Admin Area
Username: admin
Password: password

Advertiser Area
Username: advertiser
Password: password

LJScripts.com Banner/HTML Rotator Script Example

Below is an example of a Server Side Include of the Banner Rotator Demo. Reload this page to see another random banner/HTML ad!

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